CSPAN2 BookTV Interview with Representative Gerry Connolly

CSPAN2 BookTV Interview - Gerry Connolly was featured discussing the role of literature in his life and work with Peter Slen of CSPAN.


Congressman Connolly’s love for reading started in elementary school with Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, and David Copperfield. He recalls frequently going to the library after school to read periodicals, books, and magazines. Connolly discusses his most recent reads, Profile of Power and Dark Money.

He covers how he fits in reading in his daily life (even without those regular plane rides home); how he enjoys reading books opposite his political views; how he uses reading and the knowledge he gains to affect public policy; and how he shares and trades good reads with other Representatives.

Gerry Connolly discusses how he mourns bookstores closing and his hope for people to always have the “option and pleasure of reading a physical book.”

To watch the whole interview, click the link below.


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