Fighting for Federal Employees & Retirees

Gerry Connolly is a leader on issues impacting the federal workforce and federal retirees.  He is proud to represent more than 60,000 active federal employees and recognizes the valuable public service they provide for our nation.  That is why he believes they deserve fair pay, good benefits, and respect.

Connolly helped pass legislation to give FERS employees retirement credit for unused sick leave, allow returning FERS employees to redeposit their TSP savings, and let CSRS employees work part-time at the end of their career without reducing their pension benefits.  He worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass the Telework Improvements Act that is already working to increase the number of federal employees teleworking in our region.

He has fought efforts by the House Republican leadership to impose a five year freeze on federal pay, eliminate step increases, eliminate 10% of the federal workforce, and severely reduce federal pension benefits.

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